HVAC/R - SALES, Service and Repairs

Friendly Attitudes

Our technicians understand the importance of client satisfaction and strive to exceed customer expectation.

HVAC Sales & Service

We take pride in what we say and how we deliver our services.

Expert Work

Every technician we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Our Hvac/R sales and service is the gold standard in the market place, and we're proud of it!

With many of our staff and associates with over 25 years of experience, the sales and service we provide is truly one of our best assets.

At Tradium, we take pride to deliver many services to our customers:

Equipment Installation - We take great pride when installing any piece of HVAC equipment.  We strive to install the most appropriate piece of equipment  for the application in a timely manner while ensuring the installation meets the manufacturer's installation and code requirements.

HVAC System Audits - A growing part of our business is to provide HVAC system audits on existing building for the purpose of improving comfort, saving energy or to simply verify the system HVAC system operations.

HVAC System Commissioning - Our Equipment, Verification and Adjustment program (EVA) is a comprehensive program that delivers a detail reports of each piece of mechanical equipment within your premises.  It is a great way to discover the current state of your HVAC/R equipment condition to make informed decisions and establish HVAC repair budgets etc...

System Air Balance - Offered through our associate partners, system air balance or air audits are available through our service offering.

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Offered through our associate partners, sheet metal fabrication is available through our service offering. 

HVAC System Design and Planning - Our long standing relationship with many Consulting Engineering firms, allows us to select the Engineering firm best suited for the job at task.  Tradium, in  close partnership with many HVAC Engineering Consultant can provide Engineering services that is best suited for your needs.