Our National Account Program allows you to standardize your HVAC service needs across the board

Our National Account Services is unique in many ways.

Tradium can deliver HVAC services at a Regional or National level.  Through partners and affiliates we are able to service much of Canada.  Our objective is to offer our customers a "one stop shopping" experience, where together we establish your respective service requirements and locations and we take care of the rest.

We are known to be task oriented.  If your needs are based on a certain HVAC system requirements, we can easily tailor your needs with a corresponding technician that is best suited for that task.

We have an extensive list of associate technicians who are qualified to take on much of what is expected of us. 

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Over the Years we have proudly offered a variety of HVAC services

Equipment Installations: Tradium takes great pride in installing any piece of HVAC equipment to meet our customers' important needs.  We treat the equipment as if it was ours.  The final installation details are one of the most important aspects of an installation.  Programming and commissioning the equipment is what will make or break a project.  For that reason, we do it right the first time!  We commit ourselves to apply and engineer any HVAC system with performance in mind to achieve future energy savings for years to come.

Planned Maintenance: At Tradium we are flexible and will adapt to any National Planned Maintenance Program.  We work closely with many National Account customers all while making sure their PM needs are achieved.

HVAC System Commissioning and Audits:  For customers who pride themselves on making sure their HVAC equipment fleet is operating at peek performance, various programs are available to best suit your needs.  HVAC Commissioning and Audits programs can be customized to specifically suit your needs.  Audits are a great start to ensuring great unit performance and reliability for years to come.  Let's remember...energy reduction comes on the coattails of a perfectly well commissioned system.

National Account Services

What we say is what we deliver...nothing less.