Our Participating Vendors

Tradium Mechanical Inc. is an HVAC/R company specializing in Equipment Service, Maintenance, SALES, Replacement and Installation.  We work  closely with many large and small Commercial/Industrial customers.  Our objective is to make Mechanical Equipment Service and replacement seamless to the customer's everyday business requirements. 


Friendly Attitudes

Our technicians understand the importance of client satisfaction and strive to exceed customer expectation.

At Tradium... we value your time

We never cut corners on a job, all while performing the work correctly the first time.


Expert Work

Every Mechanic we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

With a strong Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry background, we at Tradium are positioned to serve you with the best HVAC/R solutions.  All this, while making sure to meet your comfort and energy-saving needs.

We work to assist our customers achieve their maintenance goals.  With our personalized service, we strive to understand the customer's need and most importantly, deliver the product that will exceed their expectation.

Tradium Mechanical Inc. is founded on three fundamental beliefs - Commitment to honesty in our business dealings, Professional Workmanship and Exceptional Customer Service.  Our attention to detail is highlighted in the workmanship we deliver and the customer service we offer.  We will deliver nothing less.